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With 20 years of expertise in aerial and special shots, ACS France quickly became a major player for your shoots in the cinema industry, publicity, television and broadcast.


To meet your needs and to offer you the best possible solutions for your projects, our offer includes a very large range of systems such as cranes (Polecam and Jimmy Jib) and also light machinery.

We have the will to provide you the best possible services, and we are able to organize your shoots at your earliest convenience in the respect of the conditions of safety.


ACS France also provides a maintenance and training service on Jimmy Jib and Polecam cranes.

Suitable gyro-stabilization systems:



The PoleCam is a very light (made with carbon fiber), discreet, with a flexible configuration, it can be used on set for live events, sports events, but also for movies shootings. The PoleCam is easily transportable, can be assembled very quickly and operated by only one operator. It gives the possibility of making extremely precise movements even in the smallest places.

Two versions of the PoleCam head are available: Narrow Head or Long Head, specially designed for large cameras. Monitoring is provided by an LCD screen placed on the pole.

The PoleCam is a flexible tool than can be carried by the operator, placed on a tripod, a wheel base, at the back of a vehicle etc… Its electronic controller is one of its many advantages. It can move up 30 times slower than its previous version and rotate 360° in 7 seconds. Its adaptability will allow you to turn where you want (it is also an offset arm useful to place the camera in inaccessible places).


Main characteristics:
  • Length: 2,10m to 7,7m
  • Max. payload: 3,5kg at 5,5m and 2kg at 7,7m
  • Configurations: on tripod or dolly, harness
  • Power: 12V battery or line power
  • Monitoring: 7’’ SDI-HDMI monitor
  • Option: possibility to adapt a Ronin (contact us)

Jimmy Jib

The Jimmy Jib is crane equiped with a 3 or 2 axis remote head. It measures between 2 and 9 meters. The control unit allows the operator to operate with joysticks zoom, pan and tilt, focus, iris and trigger of the camera.

Most of the cameras can fit the Jimmy Jib, up to a 22,7kg max. payload with the 9m arm. The tripod of the Jimmy Jib can be placed on the ground on a stationary base or can be used as a dolly track. The wheel based placed under the tripod allows great mobility while filming.

This crane in obviously the best quality-price ratio on the market. Its new triangle arm is lighter while maintaining a great stiffness. Its design provides large range of arm lengths, an ease for assembling and using the crane in any kind of environment.

The remote head has quiet motors, and the boom adjusts automatically to pan and tilt movements. A single operator can handle the Jimmy Jib when he is accompanied by a machinist handling the movement of the arm.

The movement speed of the head can change according to the desired settings.


Main characteristics:
  • Length: 2m to 9m
  • Total weight: 400kg
  • Configurations: on tripod or dolly
  • 3 or 2 axis remote head: pan 360°, tilt 120°, roll 120° (with the 3 axis remote head)
  • Power: 230V or 28 V batteries
  • Monitoring: 17'' SDI and 10'' SDI monitor

Light machinery

Tyler Mini Gyro

The Tyler Mini Gyro is a gyro-stabilized system for cameras, used to make wide shots. It can be placed on many moving platforms (helicopters, boats, vehicles…). Initially developed for making aerial shots from the side of a helicopter, it’s a very complete tool, really handy and easy to use. It can be switched from a platform to another very quickly. When your budget doesn’t allow you to access more complex system, the Tyler Mini Gyro provides very high-quality footage. Its compact design is a real asset that doesn't take away its adaptability and versatility. A very large range of camera/lens packages can fit in the Tyler Mini Gyro that has a max. payload of 13kg. It’s an ideal choice to make when your shooting location forces you to shoot in very small places or when you have to be discreet and quick.



Main characteristics:
  • Stabilization pan and tilt
  • Tubular damping support that eliminates vibrations
  • Large range of possible camera/lens combinations up to 13 kg
  • Adjustable handles
  • Compact and versatile
  • Quick installation (30 minutes)
  • Power: 230V or 24-28V batteries

Remote heads

PeePod 500

Coming from the first generations of remote heads, the PeePod 500 can be used steady or suspended. The controls are very precise and fluid, even in long focal length. A rotary joint allows the head to rotate 360° on panoramic mode. Its compacity makes it a very discreet tool that can be installed on any type of event, indoors or outdoors, without disrupting spectators and other cameras. It controls Pan Bar is a very handy option because it allows to operate the PeePod 500 like a traditional camera on tripod with stick on each side.

Peepod 1000

The PeePod 1000 is a high-performance polyvalent remote head, placed on the ground or suspended. It has two axis, pan and tilt, and is operated by an internal computer which allows controlling different set up for shooting (including engines) with a high precision. The PeePod 1000 provides internal memory to pre-record movements or position of the head. The pan, tilt, zoom and focus controls are directed to the control unit by a single coaxial wire (BNC type). Thanks to the electronic controls, the distance between the head and the control unit can be longer than 1000m. A rotary joint allows the head to rotate 360° continuously on a vertical and horizontal axis. It controls Pan Bar is a very handy option because it allows to operate the PeePod 1000 like a traditional camera on tripod with stick on each side.


Our Jimmy Jib at the World Equestrian Games


For the "Solidays" ACS France installed a Jimmy Jib


The PoleCam during the Just dance Challenge


Our PoleCam during a table tennis tournament


Our Tyler Mini Gyro placed on a helicopter


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La Réunion
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Fashion Show Balmain Spring/Summer 2018
Filming location
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Solidays 2017
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