Multi Cameras Array




Designed specifically for the VFX department, the Multi Camera Arrays (Hydra or Trident) combine the top-end performance of the Shotover K1 with an installation of multiple cameras. This innovative concept gives an extremely wide field of view at a remarkable resolution. This allows re-framing anywhere within this massive frame.

A Multi Cameras Array allows for multiple plates to be filmed in one pass, with the cameras permanently locked relative to each other.

Equally, it can free-up green-screen shoots; thanks to its six cameras, all locked to each other, a hemisphere can be created in which an imaginary camera can be then moved in three dimensions.

ACS France can propose two variants: the Hydra (6 cameras) and the Trident (3 cameras). The first solution comes ready to shoot with cameras and lenses, all you have to do is to decide what to film. The Trident shines because of its flexibility, it can take the three leading models of camera on the market, along with a choice of lenses.






The Agito is a new generation of remote-controlled dolly system. It provides new perspectives in the making of your tracking shots as it can overcome the constraints of the traditional rail dolly track and offer the possibility to shoot from ground level. Its interchangeable wheels allow it to travel on any type of terrain at a maximum speed of 50km/h. Its typical runtime is 1 hour at full speed but it can reach 4 hours if used in standard conditions. We placed our Shotover G1 on the Agito to exploit all of its possibilities. Discreet and compact, the whole system is controlled wirelessly (the absence of cable being a plus while filming) with an operating range stretching up to 300m. It benefits from a high-performance 3 axis gyro-stabilization and a large range of suitable camera/lens combinations with an optical axis placed at 80cm from the ground which can be raised depending on conditions of use. This really handy miniature tracking vehicle will quickly become a permanent fixture on all of your shoots.



Shotover M1



The Shotover M1 is the most compact and lightest six axis stabilized head on the market. Even with its slimmed-down dimensions, it lacks none of the stabilizing capabilities of the Shotover F1 or K1. Its conception is based on a complete re-design, exploiting the latest advances in this domain. In spite of its small size, a wide range of cameras and lenses can be fitted, both for broadcast and cinema. The small size and light weight are an advantage both in terms of transportation and for the work for which it is designed: more efficient flying time in helicopter and reduced tension on the Cablecam®, meaning that the rig can now be installed in situations where weight and stress demands may once have precluded it. The camera package can be installed in the workshop and the system shipped ready to shoot, meaning less installation time on site. The design and lightness of this system mean that it can be installed on many different sorts of platform.

Meet us at the Micro Salon



Come and meet us the 8th and 9th of February to learn more about these new feature. ACS France's team waits for you at the Micro Salon in the Parc Floral de Paris, route de la Pyramide 75012 Paris on our stand (Porte S)