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Track ENT


Integrated dolly track

15km/h /
70m /
Straight - Curve - Suspended /
Digital cinema – Live /
Soundless / 

The TRACK ENT is based on the same technology as the Speedtrack but it was developed and optimized for a very functional and fluid use (without rope). It is an ideal tool for your track shots in studios, concerts, fashion shows… It can perfectly be incorporated into the custom-made design of your set. It has an internal wiring system that controls the dolly, the gimbal and the camera avoiding using RF link and batteries. All movements of the Track ENT are configured by computer which allows to record virtual security limits and to memorize speed and acceleration. The system is totally silent. It is possible to combine straight and curved rails and also to use the Track ENT suspended. This system can capture amazing footages with speeds up to 15km/h on a maximum distance of 70m. Our system comes with one of our gyro-stabilized heads, which gives you a large choice of camera and lens combinations tailored to your needs. The Track ENT can be used with the Lift Arm in order to benefit from additional vertical movements.

Suitable gyro-stabilization systems:
Main characteristics :
  • Max. speed: 4,5m/s (15km/h)
  • Max. distance: 70m
  • Camera and gimbal controlled with wire
  • Straight or curved trajectory (tailor made)
  • Possibility to use the Track ENT suspended
  • Great choice of camera/lens combinations
  • Advanced security protocols, controlled by software

Our Track ENT during Dior's spring-summer 2018 fashion show


Our Track ENT on the Philippe Chatrier in Roland Garros during the French Tennis Open


Our Track ENT in Roland Garros

Download Track ENT datasheet – Technical specifications & details


Digital cinema packages examples:
  • Team: rail technicians, gyro technician, Speedtrack operator, camera operator
  • Track ENT & Shotover G1 - Alexa Mini & Angénieux Optimo 45-120
  • Track ENT & Shotover F1 - Red Weapon Monstro & Angénieux Optimo 25-250


Broadcast packages examples:
  • Team: rail technicians, gyro technician, Speedtrack operator, camera operator, video technician
  • Track ENT & Shotover G1 - Sony HDC P1 & Canon 14x
  • Track ENT & Shotover F1 - Sony HDC P1 & Fuji 42x


Available options (contact us):
  • Lift Arm: possibility to use the Lift Arm on the Track ENT
  • Tailor-made: curved rails to match your tailor-made trajectory


Roland garros French open 2018
Roland Garros French Open 2017
Roland Garros French Open 2016
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