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From ground level

50km/h /
4-wheel drive / 
4h of average battery life /
Soundless / 

The Agito is a new generation of remote-controlled dolly system. It provides new perspectives in the making of your tracking shots as it can overcome the constraints of the traditional rail dolly track and offer the possibility to shoot from ground level. Its interchangeable wheels allow it to travel on any type of terrain at a maximum speed of 50km/h. Its typical runtime is 1 hour at full speed but it can reach 4 hours if used in standard conditions. We placed our Shotover G1 on the Agito to exploit all of its possibilities. Discreet and compact, the whole system is controlled wirelessly (the absence of cable being a plus while filming) with an operating range stretching up to 300m. It benefits from a high-performance 3 axis gyro-stabilization and a large range of suitable camera/lens combinations with an optical axis placed at 80cm from the ground which can be raised depending on conditions of use. This really handy miniature tracking vehicle will quickly become a permanent fixture on all of your shoots.

Suitable gyro-stabilization systems:
Main characteristics:
  • Max. speed: 50km/h
  • Operating range: 300m
  • Four-wheels drive, all terrain
  • Motion control
  • Interchangeable wheels
  • Quiet electric motor system
  • Battery life: 1h at full speed, 4h in standard conditions
  • Wireless control

Download the Agito datasheet – Technical specifications & details


Example of digital cinema package:
  • Team: Agito pilot and technician, gyro technician, camera operator
  • Agito & Shotover G1 – Sony Venice & Angénieux Optimo 15-40 – Video feedback Teradek



Example of broadcast package:
  • Team: Agito pilot and technician, gyro technician, camera operator, RF technician
  • Agito & Shotover G1 – Sony HDC P50 & Fujinon UA 14x4,5 BERD – RF UHD video transmission, RF painting broadcast compact (Nano Cobham)



Available options (contact us) :
  • Secured RF Control
  • Optical axis height adjustable
  • Locking of the suspensions
  • Bazooka pole pour for standard dolly configuration
  • Rail track: possibility to adapt the Agito on rails

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