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100% electric

Compact /
100% electric /
70km autonomy /
Up to 100km/h /
Soundless / 

The TwizyCam is a very compact electric camera car. Just like other electric vehicles it is silent. It was specially developed for the capture of your track shots in confined environment. It is really easy and quick to set it up and it benefits from a very good road handling at speeds up to 100km/h. The TwizyCam comes with one of our gyro-stabilized head to produce perfectly stable images with a great choice of camera/lens combinations. Other options are available to fit the specific need of your shooting: steadicam shell, vertical lift and crane. The camera and the gimbal are controlled via joystick from the inside of the vehicle or from an outside position. It can be used for film industry as well as broadcast and advertising.

Suitable gyro-stabilization systems:

Main characteristics:

  • 100% electric, silent
  • Max. speed: 100km/h
  • Acceleration from 0 to 50km/h in 5 secs
  • Up to 70km of battery life
  • Great range of camera/lens combinations
  • Modular hooks (front/rear/roof)

The TwizyCam is a very adaptable camera car


You can also use the TwizyCam to place a steadicamer on the vehicle


A crane can be placed on the Twizycam


The TwizyCam is a very adaptable camera car

Download the TwizyCam datasheet – Technical specifications & details


Examples of digital cinema packages:
  • Team: precision pilot, gyro technician, camera operator
  • TwizyCam & Shotover G1 – Alexa Mini & Canon CN 17-120
  • TwizyCam & Shotover F1 – Red Weapon Monstro & Angénieux Optimo 25-250


Examples of broadcast packages:
  • Team: precision pilot, gyro technician, camera operator (+ RF technician)
  • TwizyCam & Shotover G1 - Sony HDC P1 & Canon 14x - RF Broadcast (Cobham or Vislink)
  • TwizyCam & Shotover F1 - Sony HDC P1 & Fuji 42x - RF Broadcast (Cobham or Vislink)


Available options (contact us):
  • Steadicamer shell: possibility to place a seat for the steadicamer at the front or the rear of the TwizyCam
  • Crane: possibility to place a crane on the roof of the TwizyCam

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