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Russian Arm


Advanced mechanics

2 axis /
Arm length from 4m to 7,60m /
Pan 360° /
Digital cinema /
150km/h / 

The Russian Arm is the most efficient and functional robotic arm on the market. It can be used on our all equipped Mercedes ML63 or any other moving platform (vehicle, boat, etc.). Already gyro-stabilized on two axis (pan and tilt), the arm comes with the 3 axis gyro-stabilized Flight Head V. This combination eliminates all jolts and vibrations. This way, it provides to the film crew the possibility to capture very dynamics images, close to the subject, with perfect horizon and a very fluid result.  Depending on the version of the arm (V or VI), it can produce a 360° pan in 4.5sec, with an arm offset up to 7.60m on it horizontal position and from -4.10m to 6.60m on the vertical axis for the Russian Arm VI. The Flight Head is operated via joysticks or cranks from inside the vehicle. It can be used for digital cinema or broadcast.

The Russian Arm is mostly used on a camera car prepared for this purpose (Mercedes ML, Porsche Cayenne…) that can carry 5 to 6 people and is covered with a matte black paint avoiding unwanted reflections. It is equipped with an integrated video system.

To be closer to your filming locations, we operate equipment based all over the world: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lisbon, Budapest and Cape Town.


Main characteristics:


Russian Arm V & VI
  • 2 axis high-performance gyro-stabilization
  • Pan 360° in 6sec (Russian Arm V) and 4,5sec (Russian Arm VI)
  • Max. speed 150km/h
  • Set up time: 2hs to 3hs
  • Arm length: 4m to 6m (Russian Arm V), 4,3m, 5,5m, 6,5m and 7,6m (Russian Arm VI)


Flight Head V
  • 3 axis high-performance gyro-stabilization
  • Great range of camera/lens combinations
  • Back pan compensation integrated
  • Auto-horizon
  • Pan 360°, Roll 270°, Tilt 200° - à 120°/sec.
  • Max. payload: 40kg

The Russian Arm at the Louvre in Paris


ACS France can also place the Russian on other moving platform such as a boat


The Russian Arm at the Champ de Mars in Paris


The Russian Arm can be used in any type of environment

Download the Russian Arm datasheet – Technical specifications & details


Examples of digital cinema packages:
  • Team: precision pilot, Flight Head and Russian Arm technician, Russian Arm operator, camera operator
  • Russian Arm V & Flight Head V – Sony F65 & Angénieux Optimo 19,5-94
  • Russian Arm VI & Flight Head V – Alexa Mini & Angénieux 24-290


Available options (contact us):
  • Moving platform : possibility to adapt the Russian Arm on any type of moving platform.


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